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Procrastination Excuses

Greg Van Wyk – Here’s How To Overcome Procrastination Excuses

Are you finding yourself making excuses and procrastinating on tasks? We all know how easy it is to talk ourselves out of doing things that we don’t always want to do, especially taking action with something new and unfamiliar. Whether small tasks or large commitments, time slips away easily, leaving us in a state of regret. That feeling can be overwhelming but familiar – however, no matter what our excuses are for procrastination, there are ways to overcome them! In this article, Greg Van Wyk discusses practical strategies that you can start using today so you can make meaningful progress toward achieving your goals. Greg Van Wyk On How To Overcome Procrastination Excuses Procrastination excuses are all too common – we’ve all been there. We tell ourselves that it’s okay to put off our tasks and responsibilities, but the reality is that procrastination can have serious consequences. Knowing how to overcome these excuses is an important part of managing our… Read More »Greg Van Wyk – Here’s How To Overcome Procrastination Excuses