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Greg Van Wyk- 7 best places for offbeat honeymoon experiences

Greg Van Wyk

7 off-beat honeymoon experiences that are not your usual tropical island destinations says Greg Van Wyk. Check out awesome places to visit before, during, and after tying the knot!

Here are 7 best places for offbeat honeymoon experiences:

1. Crete

A little island in the Mediterranean, not far from Greece and one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners might seem a bit too traditional for some brides and grooms – but think again! Cretan people have a very special relationship with their history, which is reflected in their culture and traditions that are mostly celebrated nowadays during festivals throughout the year. In fact, there are more than 600 local celebrations each year!

Moreover, Crete boasts alluring landscapes of mountains, gorges, majestic beaches as well as impressive ancient sites such as Knossos Palace on the north coast or Phaistos Palace located inland close to Ierapetra. The finest way to discover them is by hiking or driving along the southern coast road, which offers breathtaking views of steep cliffs and sandy beaches. With such impressive scenery at hand, you will be thrilled by every twist and turn that appears in front of your eyes!

2. England

England seems to be a great pick for an unusual romantic getaway since it is home to some magnificent castles that are either converted into hotels or stand empty waiting for guests to arrive explains Greg Van Wyk. Some are just standing on top of hills looking over wide plains while others have managed to retain their medieval offerings with dark dungeons, echoing passages, imposing towers where royalty used to reside as well as deep wells dating back centuries ago. Just imagine being lord or lady of the manor overnight – would you dare to enter the dungeon or venture down the well?

3. Lapland, Finland

Spreading over 77228 sq km, this is a huge area which makes it easy to get lost in vast open spaces of Lapland where you can truly enjoy privacy and peaceful surroundings with only the sounds of nature surrounding you during your stay there. A few towering trees, a lake glittering in silver under pale blue moonlight might be enough for an adventurous couple wanting to explore unchartered territories! In addition to that, not many people know that Lapland has its own unique traditions and culture. With interesting folklore stories told by locals from generation to generation during endless dark nights of wintertime. Why not indulge in some local cuisine or join locals for a sauna session. Before having fun under the Northern lights?

4. Cappadocia, Turkey/Aegean Region, Greece

If you like exploring underground cities and ancient dwellings carved into rocks, then this is definitely the place to go! Together with its landscapes made of fairy chimneys, cones, and volcanic features. That are indeed spectacular during hot summers when everything is covered with green vegetation. But can also be extremely cold during winters – it makes up one of the most unusual honeymoon destinations on Earth. Where couples discover labyrinths of rooms connected by narrow corridors through which they can escape from strong winds. In addition to that, hiking and camping are among the best ways to discover this region. While taking in panoramic views of exotic rocky formations.

5. Central Highlands, Vietnam

Small villages scattered around lush green mountains can be reached. By driving along a single road following a stream with waterfalls cascading down from high cliffs is going to be an exciting experience. For any couple looking for a relaxing break before or after a hectic wedding schedule! With amazing treks in the surrounding area offering stunning views of terraced rice paddies and local people. Going about their daily business, you will have plenty of space for yourselves away from the outside world says Greg Van Wyk.

6. The Dordogne Region, France

A hot spot for British tourists who usually flock here in large numbers to discover charming villages. With limestone cottages, Medieval castles, and churches boasting Gothic architecture. While taking in stunning vistas of river valleys flanked by high cliffs. If you would like to get away from crowds of tourists during your honeymoon. Then this is definitely the place for you! Spend romantic days exploring regions rich in local culture and history while having fun camping under starry skies at night!

7. The Faroe Islands Located between Scotland, Iceland & Norway

About 310 miles north of Scotland these islands are usually associated with Vikings. Because it was their ancestral home until around the 13th century when they abandoned their nomadic lifestyle. Which had them constantly on the move in favor of living permanently on specific islands. Where they started breeding livestock (mainly sheep).


Greg Van Wyk says although this is only a partial list, there are many more exciting places for honeymooners to visit if they look around. You can find some great discounts on last-minute travel deals online and enjoy your honeymoon away from the crowds at any time of year.

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