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Process Mining Can Unlock Value From Hyperautomation- By Greg Van Wyk


The days of manual data collection and analysis are gone. It’s now possible to unlock unprecedented levels of value in business operations with the use of hyperautomation, a combination of advanced automation technologies such as AI and robotics used together to optimize operational performance. But without proper care, says Greg Van Wyk, hyperautomation can actually lead to poorer outcomes due to inaccurate decision-making resulting from bad or incomplete data analysis. Enter process mining – an emergent technology that could form the cornerstone for reaping true value from your automated systems. Process Mining helps organizations make sense of their digital footprints by analyzing available data into meaningful insights they can easily utilize, enabling them to manage complex processes efficiently and sustainably, supporting businesses in realizing their goals faster than ever before!

Greg Van Wyk On How Process Mining Can Unlock Value From Hyperautomation

Process Mining is an invaluable tool for unlocking value from Hyperautomation, says Greg Van Wyk. Process Mining is the analysis of digital systems data that helps organizations identify and optimize their processes. It works by using algorithms to detect patterns automatically in the flow of data throughout the system. This allows organizations to identify areas where there is room for improvement, such as reducing cost or increasing efficiency. Process Mining enables organizations to uncover hidden opportunities that can be leveraged to create more efficient workflows and processes.

The primary benefit of Process Mining is that it provides visibility into how a process is performing, allowing organizations to make informed decisions on optimization initiatives. Process Mining can help organizations spot potential bottlenecks, inefficiencies, redundancies, and mistakes in their current workflow. Process Mining can also identify areas in which automation can be used to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

For example, Process Mining can help organizations spot inefficient manual tasks that could be automated through Hyperautomation. Hyperautomation is the combination of various technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and process mining to automate high-volume business processes. This allows organizations to save time and money by automating tedious or repetitive tasks instead of relying on manual labor.

According to Greg Van Wyk, Process Mining can also pinpoint weaknesses within a workflow that may not be obvious at first glance, enabling organizations to make more informed decisions about which processes should be automated with Hyperautomation. Process Mining provides an overview of how data flows through the organization, allowing organizations to identify areas where automation can be used to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Process Mining also provides real-time insight into process execution so that organizations can quickly respond to any changes in their workflow, ensuring optimal performance.

Greg Van Wyk’s Concluding Thoughts

According to a recent survey by Process Street, Process Mining is predicted to save businesses an average of $24 billion over the next three years. As Process Mining continues to gain traction within the industry, says Greg Van Wyk, Hyperautomation will become increasingly important as organizations look for ways to unlock value from their workflows. By combining Process Mining with Hyperautomation, organizations can increase efficiency and reduce costs while delivering a better customer experience.