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Remote Sales Vs. In-House Sales: Greg Van Wyk Compares Both

In order to make a decision on whether to have remote sales or in-house sales, businesses, as per Greg Van Wyk, need to understand the definition of each type of sale, the benefits and drawbacks of each, and what type of company would best fit each method. Remote Sales Vs. In-House Sales: By Greg Van Wyk Remote sales and in-house sales are two distinct methods of selling products or services to clients, says Greg Van Wyk. Both have their advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when selecting which method of sales is best for a business. In-house sales involve having an internal team within an organization that focuses on direct customer relationships, product promotion and distribution, developing marketing strategies, and other related activities. This type of sales approach allows for more control over the process, as well as a deeper understanding of the market. In-house selling usually means better quality of service since employees are working directly for the… Read More »Remote Sales Vs. In-House Sales: Greg Van Wyk Compares Both